School Students Car Insurance

Do you want to take your car to your school? For this you need a car insurance otherwise you will not be legally authorized to drive your car. As a school student, you are considered as very high risky driver. Because of lack of experience, and whimsical driving styles, school student’s car insurance policies are costly.

Getting car insurance for school students is normally very costly because of immature age. Still there is option to get car insurance at this age. This is great news that car insurance starts from 16 years. So, anyone above 16 years can obtain insurance.

How to Minimize the Cost?

As a student, you have the biggest asset with you. Submit your academic record to get discount. This is the best way for students to get a good policy at cheap rate. When your academic result is excellent, the insurer will believe that you are a person with stable mentality. You will not be engaged in rush driving, this can bring huge discount on your end.

You can also give defense driving test which will help you to get some more discounts. Defense driving test is very useful for getting discount but passing the test is not as easy as you think. You have to do hard struggle to complete the test. You will have to do regular practice of driving otherwise you will not be able to pass the test. There are some driving schools, which may help you to get trained for passing the exam.

Why Not Taking Insurance on Your Parents?

You can take insurance on your parents name easily. This could save your money as well. You will be very pleased with the price if you buy on your parent’s name.

Before Purchasing Your Car

Before you buy your own car, take some facts on your mind. As a young person, obviously you will be looking for a sporty car but that is costly and the insurance is also very costly which is not going to be a good plan for you. You can choose a family car with up to 1500cc engine capacity and in very good condition. This can give you a big discount and make your policy cheaper.